Thursday, November 28, 2013

Derridium - Close Encounters With Interior Furniture

Billowing clouds of static and melody from Derridium, with Close Encounters With Interior Furniture, on JRS Select Tapes and CRs. In keeping with the sidelong fuzzy drones it seems I've been posting, this one is another two part head trip of transportational skylines. Sort of like a horizon line (which it seems like the cover art nods to), but more elusive. Sustained bending notes traversing from side to side. Like staring into the sun, which while hypnotic and beautiful, hurts and causes you to wince and turn your head. This has the similar effect on your ears. Moments that draw you in, slight discordant twists that challenge your listening, and then quickly return to melody. All of this is smashed and mangled through what I assume is a series of filters and processes. Although for all the wonderfully fuzzy soundscapes coming out right now, it might be just as likely the composer balls the tape up in his fist to get these results. The second half of this tape feels more rewarding for me, resulting in a very nice crescendo that shows the thoughtful composition imbedded in an otherwise simplistic two track approach.

Scant edition of just 25 copies, simple effective physical presentation. Check out the JRS website, then stream and grab for a super reasonable 4 bucks via the JRS Bandcamp.