Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dura - Tired Waves

Charming, beautiful ambient guitar drift from Dura, with Tired Waves on Metaphysical Circuits. As I don't play guitar, of have any foundational knowledge of the instrument, you'll have to forgive that I can't really tell you what this is, only how it is. And how it is, is soft, delicate, and without a shred of difficulty or pretense. Long sustained threads of melody with blindingly bright guitar, both what sounds like gentle fast picking, and notes sliding down(up), and away from the listener. And as things progress a bit of warm but still ambient riffage begins (yes I think ambient riffage can exist), accompanied by light percussion. I greatly appreciate the mix on this album, it all feels perfectly centered and balanced. A single entity, a unified movement. Every bit of this breathing in time, inhale and exhale. Sounds like the edge of a lake lapping the shore when driven by a warm breeze.

No edition size on this one (edit: per the artist, the edition is 50). Nicely printed on smooth stock, tapes in aqua blue. Grab direct from Metaphysical Circuits.

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