Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dmitri Zherbin - S/T

Whirling, off kilter sound manipulation from Dimitri Zherbin with a self(un?) titled release on ((cave)) Recordings. Heads up, this is one challenging tape, and demands an adventurous mind and close listening. This stuff is profoundly, delightfully odd. Damaged mechanical detritus that I assume to be the results of garbled squealing tape loops. Harsh and howling repeated passages, continuously shifting. It rattles, rumbles, and squeaks without any respite, or mercy for your mental state. It's the kind of tape that makes you question yourself about halfway through, consider hitting stop, but ultimately makes you feel richer when the play button finally clangs to the off position. If you have a taste for something that makes you work a bit this is an incredible example of noise done really interestingly. Sounds like the last tape deck in the world, spinning helplessly as the pinch roller finally fails.

Edition of 50. Jcards featuring Rob's more of Rob's incredible collage work. Grab direct from the label.

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