Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lisa Papineau - Blood Noise

Well this is exceptionally fearless. Tape scene ambience, confident female vocals, grinding noise and pop art sensibilities from Lisa Papineau, with Blood Noise on Hornbuckle Records. Sounds and feels vintage, futurist, and completely authentic. Tracks develop patiently, with Papineau providing ethereal accompaniment to sparse bits of astral soundscapes. I adore the way the vocal feels instrumental as opposed to simply narrative, but not so much so that it feels unstructured. Lush multiple layers of backing that float drum patterns simply and effectively. The flip is littered with standout tracks, particularly Frozen Blue, with it's harsh looping guitar, and the delicate Little Light, earnestly asking, will you fill the world with your song?. Heck, now that I hear it again, the closer The Weather Gone kills with soft cooing and addictive groove. This absolutely hooked me from the first second, and carried me until the last.

Really sharp looking physical product. Pro dubbed and imprinted on black, housed in a yellow norelco. Edition of 200 available direct from Hornbuckle.

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  1. classic album.. playing it all the time at the moment. skopje