Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aria Rostami - Decades/Peter (Freebies!)

So for the first time, I'm gonna do a two part (see below for the second) review and freebie, compliments of West Virginia based purveyors of diverse electronic psychadelica, Crash Symbols.

The first, Decades/Peter from Aria Rostami is essentially a single artist split release. The front half, Decades, delivers a wonderfully executed mix of dark, alien beat music. Seven tracks that swing like a pendulum from crisply produced and richly populated danceable percussion, to massive swaths of melodic mood music. What struck me as quite fantastic here is the assembleage of robust confident timbres and beefy production. Individual sounds twist and evolve into big, bold, complex synth brought right up front in the mix. On the flip, Peter, the production delves into lush pop tinged dreamlike dance tracks. Joyous vacationalia made challenging with glitchy percussion and echoing pitch shifted vocals. A single sample won't really give you the whole story of what makes this fun, it's the push pull balance from track to track. Every single one is a hit.

Edition of 100, produbbed with digital version included. If you have interest, email me at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com and both this and Log Across The Washer are yours, no catch. First come first serve. Gone to Dave from St. Louis as of 11/15. Enjoy! Or, grab this stuff for yourself over at Crash Symbols.

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