Thursday, November 14, 2013

Log Across The Washer - Pancakes (Freebies!)

The second (see above for the first) in this two part freebie from Crash Symbols comes in the form of Pancakes, from Log Across The Washer. Generally speaking, something like this tends to be out of my wheelhouse, being just a bit over my own self imposed pop threshold. Admittedly after a few tracks this just about lost me (my fault). But, after a clattering smoke screen of horns and percussion cleared what I eventually found ended up being some exquisetly composed, and emotionally honest outsider pop. It's a rambling genre bending emotional mix. A massive 22 tracks, all over the map from complete weirdness to something that feels bluegrass and Americana, to my favorite track, I Like What For Feel, which is nothing short of a great time. Sounds like something too cool to care if it's cool. I need to stop being an elitist and have fun.

You can stream this, and all Crash Symbols releases over at the label Bandcamp. Or, if you're quick you email me at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com, and this and the Aria Rostami tape are your free, no catch. Gone to Dave from St. Louis as of 11/15. Enjoy!

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