Monday, November 11, 2013

Head Chameleon - Chameleon Part One/Two

Forgive my poor(er than usual) photography, I figure these aren't going to be around for long, and waiting for more appropriate natural light just wasn't happening. A two tape set from Head Chameleon on Inspired School of Astral Music. Weirded out thumping murk, shimmering Basinski-esq melodic loops. Grisly low fidelity balanced with mind fog erasing clarity. It's a wonderful juxtaposition. Physical product that looks grisly as hell, and sounds that can feel starkly beautiful in comparison. Admittedly, I don't know much about the artist, but sometimes things just seem like they won't last. This seems like one of those things.

I grabbed via the excellent Tomentosa, but it looks like stock has already been exhausted. Not on Discogs, no audio samples that I could find, barely even acknowledged on the label site. How silly is my life that it makes me enjoy these even more. Scour the web my friends.

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  1. that silly feeling :), i knew about this tape in tomentosa too but with the 'out of stock' words already. everything related with Bill Doob and Inspired School is exciting.. as every new post here.