Sunday, November 10, 2013

Goldrush Music Festival 'Zine + Tape (Freebie!)

Heads up, let's do another give away. This time, an incredible combo featuring the latest output from the Planted Tapes/Tome To The Weather Machine crew, in the form of the Goldrush Music Festival companion cassette and companion 'zine. It's a killer package, the tape an overflowing c84 with 18 tracks, (particular standout being from Derek Rogers) the 'zine a sewn spine beauty featuring Field Hymns graphic design arm, Tiny Little Hammers. I just continue to be stunned by the quality output the tape scene can produce, all with nothing more than vision and passion. Just wish I could have been there!

If you have interest, email me at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com and this combo is yours, no catch. First come first serve. Gone to Robert from DE as of 10/10. Enjoy! Or, grab this stuff for yourself over at Planted Tapes.

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