Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adam Worthan / Long Pond - Split (Freebies!)

Heads up, it's time again to give away some tapes! This time around Ross Auger from Wet Eyes Productions has been kind enough to offer up two copies of his latest, a subdued and comatose split between Adam Worthan and Long Pond. The Worthan side is sublimely mellow, thick undulating pads that wash over your ears like a shimmering curtain. Hazy and nostalgic, just like tapes ought to be. The flip from Long Pond takes a bit more neurotic approach. Still rooted in ambience, but twisted with a mechanical strangeness. A soothing aggression, or something like that. The two halves of this one compliment each other nicely, like sweet and salty. Without the placid dreamlike tones of Worthan, the Long Pond side wouldn't feel as aggressive, and vice versa.

If you have interest, email me at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com and one of these is yours, no catch. First come first serve. Gone to Dave from St. Louis and Chris from San Fran as of 11/7. Enjoy!

Limited edition of 40 hand numbered copies. Poly case, white shells with handwritten titles. Stream in full and possess the physical from Wet Eyes Productions.

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