Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lens - Visions Meet Light in the Cult House

Curious and challenging experimentation from Lens, with Visions Meet Light in the Cult House c82(!) on Field Studies Imprint. The front half pulses with a densely crafted crunching murk. Lumbering and thumping along, evolving into a haywire sonar signal. The flip on this one is what really captured me. For what seems like eons, a single thick stream of synth endlessly sustains until finally spiraling outwards into a multifaceted kalidescope of variations. Seems like more and more of what I listen to is primarily concerned with the audience, as opposed to this, which adheres pretty fearlessly to something that could very well be perceived as impenetribly difficult. Heck, the length alone was enough to give me pause. But the best things are made with uncompromising artistic vision, and over the course of this expansive journey, initial disjointed bits coalesce into something subtly overwhelming. Killer.

Edition of sixty, presented in the signature Field Studies aesthetic. Grab direct from the label.

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