Monday, September 2, 2013

Easychord - Not In My Family Tree

Two killer releases to take note of, both from Manchester based Dark Era Tapes. The first (see below for the second), Not In My Family Tree, from Easychord, features nine tracks of delicate looped ambience. A bit glitchy, but not so much that it takes over the tape. In fact quite the opposite. Everything in the pallate feels quite minimal. Gentle attack and sustain that leave copious open space in the mix. Moments of freedom within which to contemplate. I find it takes courage to leave such openness, to resist the temptation to fill every corner with sound. And within those empty corners, these tracks feel sweet, sensitive, and really at times quite desolate. This isn't quite the feel good type of ambience, but it's hardly dark either. The track Morante typifies this middleness, lush reverberating melody, deep in rich tonality, never leaving a central point content to loosely anchor the composition in whatever space the listeners mind prefers to exist. Simple, beautiful.

Cool little open topped sleeves, printed front and back on a nice thick chipboard stock. Black tapes, labels front and back. Grab direct from the Dark Era store.

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