Monday, September 2, 2013

Hakobune - A Distant Loss

The second (see above for the first), in this two part update on Dark Era Tapes, features A Distant Loss, from Hakobune. Massive, sweeping compositions. Absolute caverns of sound, blown out wide into the periphery of the soundscape. Patient, transportive melody, awash in a sea of distorted rumbling fuzz. Tracks that pay homage in my mind, not so much to the stars as much of ambient music does, but in some way to the earth. These feel organic, dug deep within the dirt, rooted in years of history. Soundtracking the beautify of that which exists around us unnoticed. Within these tracks are such sorrow, and such joy. I've heard quite a few from Hokobune, and for me, these are by far the strongest yet. Sounds like the clouds rolling in across endless miles of prairie.

Strem in full and purchase from the Dark Era Bandcamp.

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