Sunday, September 8, 2013

Caledonia County - Telegraph Canyon

Delicate fog shrouded tones from Caledonia County, with Telegraph Canyon on Baro Records. Somewhere between pure ambience and minimalism, soft, winding timbres reveal themselves like light, refracted through the kaleidoscope of romanticized memory. Glimpses(literally a song titled Glimpse) of varying shades of color, evolving one after another until the full spectrum is represented. Things move slowly, with purpose. Warbled synth affected by gentle bell curved EQ, smothering the experience in a warm mid tone. Sounds like the idilic vision of your most favorite place in the world. Your heart embracing that place, and breaking for it's absence. If you are seeking something, you have found it.

Edition of 100. Full color, double sided jcard, full color labels on white shells. Stream in full, and grab from the Baro Bandcamp.

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