Sunday, September 8, 2013

Auxiliary Priest - S/T

Ominous astral delirium from Auxiliary Priest, with a self titled chiller on Spring Break Tapes. No track titles listed, no breaks except for the flip. Just etherial blown out space wreckage spooling outward into the cosmos. This one is much more on the noise side of ambience, but what really appeals to me is the restraint to maintain balance between the absolute perfect hints of static and fuzz, and the smooth massive sweeps of melody. Echoing, mechanical grinding way out front in the mix, juxtaposed against caverns of backing melody. Sad and sinister. Striking a delicate balance here between something, and the absence of something. Negative space, but not. Guess that's what I take the Sagan quote in the liner to mean. Sounds like the lone survivor on a doomed space station meeting his own demonic reflection.

Edition of 100, pro imprinted and dubbed. Fold out double sided jcards. Lucky you, this one is on sale as I type this over at Spring Break Tapes.

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