Friday, March 29, 2013


Heads up on pair (see below for the other) of essential tapes from Austin, TX based Holodeck Records.

Swirling, pulsating, seething synth work from the four piece S U R V I V E, with HDXV. Actually a re-release of their debut album, these nine tracks sound as fresh as if their patterns were programmed yesterday. And just like their previously reviewed 2012 self titled tape, it also sounds beautiful, incredibly intense, and somewhat nasty. Like Steve Moore playing Streets Of Rage 2 with the guy from Terrorfakt. Angry and visceral, and yet still fun as heck to nod your head along with. I’m nowhere near qualified to add any insight on the creative process behind these sounds, but of all the tapes I hear, I’d be hard pressed to find one that feels as fully developed and completely ready as this one.

Pro dubbed and printed edition of 200, stream in full on Bandcamp, and then grab the physical at the Holodeck Store.

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