Friday, September 21, 2012

S U R V I V E - S/T

The second release in the new Holodeck batch (see above) is a vicious blend of powerful melody and challenging noise. And this previously sold out re-release from Survive is a killer. Piercing, buzzing synth chords that echo with deep, pulsating emotion. Things sound both sharp as a knife, and yet somehow hazed out and elusive. Constantly shifting rhythm and modulating frequencies seduce the first half of the tape directly into the brain, while the flip slinks through a filthy corridor of slowly evolving hiss and grind before emerging into an eerie astral plane. A sinister, darkwave meets horror cinema feel that's hard to explain and easy to enjoy. Sounds like standing in a dark room, starring into a mirror, preparing for the fight of your life.

Incredible blood red tapes, pro printed and dubbed, grab along with the rest of batch #2 over at Holodeck.

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