Friday, September 21, 2012

Amasa•Gana - Untitled

Heads up on a pair (see below) of incredible releases in the latest five tape batch from relative newcomer Holodeck Records. Creeping, ominous moments of light and dark from Amasa•Gana on this untitled c30. Heavy, rumbling, rusted moments inch across the soundscape with deliberate patience. Shimmering timbres of slightly distorted warbling bliss that peak out from behind a curtain of noise and then recede back into the moonlight morrass. The front half (Amasa) takes a lighter approach, delivering a haunting melodic journey, while the flip (Gana) devours the ear in a bleak world of echoing noise. Sounds like a spider whispering his nightmares to the trees.

Heavy cardstock jcard, printed front and back, available directly from Holodeck.

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