Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brett Naucke - Home By Now

A refreshingly classic, melodic approach to electronic ambience from Brett Naucke with Home By Now on Field Studies. Bits of shimmering light, steady ringing drones, evolving melody, moments of collective beauty, meant for both introspection, and perhaps observation. A stunning consensus is achieved between each element in the recording. That none should overwhelm the other, and indeed compliment the whole. The side A closer, Rilea, offers a moment of found sound, echoing voices, indiscernible shouts, that while out of context, so easily becomes a part of the experience. It’s a command of the mix that is truly remarkable. That something so foreign to the scope of the recording can become a moving and narrative experience. Sounds like a sky full of clouds nodding together in agreement.

Elegantly presented with perfect aesthetic cohesion on white shells, with a trifold jcard. Available from Field Studies directly, via distro at Discriminate Music.

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