Friday, March 29, 2013

Dylan C - Samsara: Causes and Conditions

The other monster in this pair (see above for the other), is a patchwork of minimalist and ambient dance beats from Dylan C, with Samsara: Causes and Conditions.

It takes a lot for me to post something (my own pretentious bias) so overtly pleasing to the ear, and heck, so overwhelmingly danceable. But that’s how much fun this one is. A massive c63, the front half, Causes, thumps right into your chest. Beats mixed right up front, swimming over collages of sounds and rhythm. Six tracks that escape the sterile overly digital realm of glitch, and opt for something that feels alive and organic. The back half, Conditions, presents a counterbalance, with washes of ambience combined with eerie reverberating percussion. Otherworldly dance music for ears drawn to obscure sounds. A impressive middle ground that deftly mixes moments of absolute ambience with songcraft and melody. A beautiful statement in modern dance.

Pro dubbed and printed, edition of 100, stream and purchase on Bandcamp, or go straight to the source at Holodeck.

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