Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lake Mary - S/T

In the span of just two releases, Planted Tapes seems to be carving quite an exceptional niche, intended or not, in the realm experimental guitar composition. I can't quite pin it down to a single style, so i'll just say, it feels... organic. The latest, a self titled c-40 from solo act Lake Mary, is a relaxed, free breathing thing of beauty. The front side is an easy haze of vocal and rusted drone that arrives patiently, perhaps in soft waves. Like walking under rays of sunshine broken by forest canopy, alternating cool and warm. The flip highlights crisp traditional folk guitar recorded in a live setting. Strong, confident playing. Notes played with such finesse, they narrate the album as well as any vocal could. If the intent was the replicate the beauty of the moniker, it has been well achieved.

Home dubbed in the Planted Tapes lab (I like to assume they have a lab) in an edition of just seventy. The PT debut sold out, don't expect this to do anything different. Grab here.

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