Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adam Beckley - Blank Screens Of Hope

Not so much songs, or even sounds, as they are textures. These four tracks of droning ambience from Adam Beckley, with Blank Screens Of Hope on Koppklys, stand tall as examples of how to create spontaneous and exciting headphone music. Immense washes of melodic cut and paste, frayed around the edges, and then balanced against slight and indiscernible noise and movement. Moments range from emotional and crowded to menacing and sparse. Aside from snatches of guitar work, identifying the instrumentation present is difficult, allowing the listener to interpret the sound as a complete and whole experience. The title track absolutely steals the show for me, and sounds like music that ought to be played as your life flashes before your eyes and all the good things you ever did come racing back in a single moment, or something like that. Powerful stuff.

Hand numbered edition of just 55, liner note insert, digital download included. Grab direct along with the rest of batch #4 from Koppklys.

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