Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Earn - Romantic Comedy

Heads up enthusiasts of the overwhelming, multifaceted wall of harsh noise. Romantic Comedy from Earn on Ekhein is a single 24 minute exploration that seems to take what I interpret as some type of orchestral work (it's pretty damn hard to be certain), and plunges it into an acid bath that sounds like the disintegration of Basinski in a really bad mood. Call it compressed, crushed, whatever you like, if the sound of distortion is beautiful to you, this will blow you up. What I enjoy about this CD-R, is that despite the extreme nature of the treatment, I was still easily able to find moments of melody and tenderness breaking through the miasma. Tons of rich depth, making the cold steely sound feel warm. Dope.

Grabbed my copy from Discriminate, who now happens to be out of stock on this title. A few other distros may be in possession of a copy or two, namely Tomentosa.

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