Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mirror to Mirror - Here You Leave Today

Sometimes simple can be stunning. And by that, I don't mean to imply these tracks don't showcase a wonderful eye for timbre and construction. They do. Merely that the greatest strength of many albums is the willingness of the artist to allow their creation to be simply enjoyed without any pretense. And I think that's the deal here. Here You Leave Today, from Mirror To Mirror, presents seven tracks of sweet, lush, synth composition in mostly short, and highly accessible form. Soft clouds of ambience played against mid tempo arpegiated melody. It's a beautiful record, that begs to be played, enjoyed, flipped over, and played again. Joint release from Jugular Forest and Cylindrical Habitat Modules. Relax and just breathe the air.

I found the jacket on this release particularly compelling, and somehow a wonderful narrative backdrop for the recording. Edition of just 250 on elegant black vinyl. Originally purchased from Discriminate, still available via Jugular Forest.

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