Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pillars And Tongues - If Travel Is Asked Of Me

Let’s stay, albeit briefly, in the pop-ish realm and add just a bit of art house weirdness and vocal harmony. Pillars and Tongues gives us If Travel Is Asked Of Me, on the new Red Frost Industries label. Things open with the strongest of five tracks, (Laid) Palms To Tell, which takes a slow burn approach to melodic drone, topped with a lush echoing vocal. From here, the three piece outfit delves headlong into something resembling tribal drumming, astral tones, stringed instruments, and eventually close the tape with sprawling combination of all the above. What caught my attention here was the quality of the vocals; the group really can put things together quite nicely, but never over do things, leaving well enough alone when the instrumentation can speak for itself. A strong, varied assembly of songs, ranging from traditional tape scene drones, to atmospheric moments more fitted to cinema soundtracks.

Stream in it's entritiy, and then grab the physical via the Red Frost Bandcamp.

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