Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Dwarf Star / Chelsea Oberion - Split

Space station haunting and grinding astral machines on this self released split featuring Red Dwarf Star and Chelsea Oberion. Sophisticated melodic miniatures on the front side from RDS. Loops, both vaguely extraterrestrial and simultaneously melancholic drowning in a warbled disintegrating static. Undefined and untitled compositions that begin and end without celebration or title. As if bits and pieces of sound were broken off and captured, then presented without context. Emotionally affecting, lonely, optimistic sounds. On the flip, Chelsea Oberion absolutely decimates with multilayered tonal obliteration. Sounds like a release from The Grey Wolves, cast through the wormhole and ground into space detritus emerging drenched in eroded feedback. Power electronics from the rings of Saturn.

This is the type of completely legit DIY material I search high and low to find. Hand assembled, hand written liner notes, packaged with an old Pro Set card from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Purchase via Bandcamp.

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