Saturday, August 11, 2012

Outer Space - Akashic Record (Events:1986-1990)

So at this point, everything coming out on Spectrum Spools has reached automatic purchase status. Akashic Record (Events:1986-1990) from the artist collective, Outer Space, is no exception. Ultra clean, arppegiated melodies layered over expansive washes of synth. You simply won't find a recording with a better mix than this. Every last bit of instrumentation is open, audible, available in the soundscape, and complimentary of the whole. The entire record has a massive depth of field, filling every corner of your listening area with shimmering, jaw dropping, and I assume painstakingly perfected timbres. Sounds like a rocket ship ride on a pixie stick.

Beautiful high gloss jacket, poly lined sleeve, neon orange vinyl. Cut by D&M so as you would expect, it sounds flawless. Available from Discriminate

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