Saturday, July 14, 2012

Velvet Elvis - In Deep Time

Heads up on a couple (see below) of incredible new releases from cae-sur-a.

The first, represented here, is a full length vinyl debut of rocking fuzzed up doom from Velvet Elvis, with In Deep Time. The entire six track LP absolutely rips. Production screams through crisp and crusty, actually improving in clarity and detail with additional volume. Each instrument in play, including the bass (I know, awesome right?), is detailed and available in the mix. A distinctive female/male lead vocal sets this five piece outfit in rarified space. The baton pass of vocal direction maintains diversity in tone and mood from aggressive to somber, despite the continued bloody knuckled riff barrage. The album moves like a pendulum between slowed down and stoner, to riffed out and rocking. An exceptional variety in tracks that lets out just enough rope to lose yourself, before raking you back over the coals with a drunken bar fight of a track like Rattleskin Boots. Heavy, well played, well recorded rock.

I liked everything about this record, including the presentation. Beautiful art design, full size liner notes, black vinyl, download code, even a piece of the original analogue tape is included. Grab direct from cae-sur-a.

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