Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lefterna - Not Here (if anywhere) / Degradation_Obsession

The second release in the batch (see above), is a release more canon to the traditional cae-sur-a tape standard. Lefturna presents a wierdo soup of glitches and complex melodic collage with Not Here (if anywhere) / Degradation_Obsession. Pulsating repetitive waves of rich synth. Moments of spontaneous, breathtaking timbre bursting forth from long expanses of circular glitch movements. The final track, retrograde consists of merely starting the same passage repeatedly, and as odd as that sounds, results in a satisfyingly transportive composition. These are sounds for patient ears. Special moments of easily accessible sound that have to be earned by working through more challenging periods. Experimental, truly bizarre sounds like these are why the tape scene needs to exist.

Break open your piggy bank for this, and the Velvet Elvis LP over at the exceptional cae-sur-a.

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