Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maharadja Sweets - Engines of Joy

One man explosion of raw, unfiltered, Americana from Maharadja Sweets with Engines of Joy on Orange Milk Records. Thirteen tracks of bluegrass infused garage noise. Moments of high intensity solo guitar bombast, cut deftly with down tempo, emotive, vocal driven ballads. Simple accessibility, such as the tender Hobbes to Calvin, used to tether overwhelming passages of furious impassioned guitar and processing in a progressive and genuine context. An exceptionally honest, sincere sentiment permeates the entire recording. These are not the songs of an artist emulating a folk aesthetic, but rather delivering a much needed injection of genuine intensity and authenticity to the genre.

Lose yourself in the double sided pro dubbed haze by ordering directly from the taste makers over at Orange Milk.

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