Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bre'r - OLSB Music No.1

Multi dimensional space worship on ((Cave)), with OLSB Music No. 1, from Bre’r. A release so quintessentially ambient, it nearly defines the genre. Elegant melodic structures, with just a bit of something unexpected and unorthodox living in the periphery. Vast overwhelming astral tones, colored with metallic hues. Tracks like Remix Of No Vision, while feeling cold and distant, still beg an emotional response. These aren’t the slow evolving drones commonly invading the ambient realm, but rather mid tempo symphonic movements. Not so much a challenge, as an extraterrestrial voyage into the subconscious. This is without question in my musical sweet spot and required consecutive listens.

Grab directly via San Mateo based ((Cave)) Recordings along with a host of other tape based weirdness from the likes of The Ether Staircase, Chapels, and Evan Lindorff.

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