Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Piper Spray - Greatest Adventure

Big, bubbly, planet hopping synth jams from Piper Spray, with Greatest Adventure, the maiden voyage for new label, Singapore Sling. Sounds like the soundtrack to the lost ninth level of Blaster Master. A collision of sounds reminscent of childhood VHS and 8 Bit all-nighters. The front side keeps the pace tight with a mix of pop influenced quickies, while the flip tears into outer space with a variety of insane collage work. (I swear the Baywatch theme is worked in) Somehow retro and futurist simultaniously. A straight up good time of a tape.

Hand assembled, each piece of the label, both front and back, is painstakingly adhered to the cassette. Available directly from Singapore Sling Tapes.

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