Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mind Over Mirrors - High & Upon

Powerful, emotionally intense progressive compositions from Mind Over Mirrors, with High & Upon, on Aguirre Records. Ambient soundscapes, amplified until broken open, allowing a beautiful confluence of disparate ideas to emerge. Hard angular layers of processed instrumentation, overdriven to the point of collapse, juxtaposed against bare melodic keys. Over the course of fifteen minutes, the track Mountain Convalescence typifies the brilliance of the record. A rising, swirling, droning ascent to the pine boughed hill top represented by the incredible album art, capped by a repetitious melody so blown out I began to fear for my stylus. As human and spiritually impacting an abstract release as you will ever find.

Another stunningly perfect piece of vinyl cut by Rashad Becker. Part of an exceptional new batch from Aguirre, which as of now is still entirely available from Discriminate.

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