Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hvide Sejl - The Nude

Certainly there is something to be said for the entire aesthetic of a cassette release. I think by and large, aesthetic consistency is one of the main motivations behind a great deal of the tape scene. Matching sight, sound, and physical medium together appropriately to create a cohesive whole. I’ve rarely seen such cohesion across a series of releases like I have recently from Copenhagen, Denmark based Posh Isolation.

The Nude, from Hvide Sejl is a rough, deconstructed, stripped down knob twister. Things feel filtered down, made intentionally basic to communicate more clearly what I interpret as themes of filth and perversion. Thick, howling, angular field recordings, and synth tones. The type of thing one ought to experience at some unnamed art space. Anti musical low fidelity noise, and a brief bit of melodic dalliance to close. Brilliant.

White cassettes, blank labels, packaged with a photocopy of an article concerning urban migration, and the word Bucolic on the spine. Dig a sound sample and purchase over at Discriminate.

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