Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Midday Veil - Integratron

I use the word ritualistic a lot around here. It's never been more appropriate than describing the latest release from Midday Veil, Integratron, on Translinguistic Other. Absolutely epic concept on display here. Recorded "inside an acoustically perfect wooden dome... atop a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojhave desert". Couple that description along with my own fascination with droning experimentation, and well...

These are long form, evolving, electro-worship space transportations. Like Pine Smoke Lodge playing tape loops from the lost Hawkwind studio sessions. Three tracks fade into and out of rhythm, sounds come and go through peaks and valleys of high tension and relaxation, and yet somehow seem to mix seamlessly into a singular experience. My favorite moments of the tape happen when all five performers combine pulsing synths, soaring female vocal, manic percussion, and heavy guitars, etc, in a fever pitch, swirling into an overwhelming miasma that must have threatened to bring down the dome. I experienced the entire package under the stars, via the garbled wobbling of my failing Nordmende walkman, which only served to enhance to hallucinatory vibes.

Black shell tape, pro printed double sided. Solid work all around. Grab directly from Translinguistic Other

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