Saturday, June 2, 2012

Henry Dawson - The Thunder of Wonder

Fascinating and challenging new edition from Henry Dawson with Thunder of Wonder, on Goldtimers tapes. Seth Graham, the man behind the Dawson moniker picks and pulls bits of harsh and heavy, mixing on high speed, but with musicality and progression.

At points, particularly the opener "Cell", Graham obliterates the soundscape with caustic passages and punctuates them with frantic, melodic miniatures. On others, namely the closer “Digital Needlework”, Seth builds layers of heartrending notes patiently over a bed of glitch and synth. Sounds like spinning the rotary dial on a vintage radio during a lightning strike. It's a spiritual cousin to the HNW scene, but with an unmistakable touch of somber and mournful melodies. A beautiful and intelligent walk on the boundary of harsh noise wall recordings, glitch, and synth drone. A tape for experienced ears.

Full color double sided j card, pro dubbed and printed cassette, edition of just 75. Grab the physical from the incredible Goldtimers Tapes.

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