Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Story of Rats / Hellvete - Split

I love split releases. If I could only buy split releases I would. You get that one side of an artist you know, and, hopefully, on the flip a new artist to discover and experience. Give me a split from two artists I don't know, that's even better.

Grabbed this split between A Story of Rats and Hellvete from new label Eiderdown Records. 2 hefty slabs of drone, both unique and thematically diverse, one emotionally weighted, the other turbulent and challenging. First up, ASOR chanels a cave full of chanting druids, ominous synth, and murky amplifiers echoed through an endless series of dank and mossy catacombs. Intense and somber, and likely not enough candles in your house to do it justice. A single side length track that creeps and crawls in the mire and given another few minutes, I think it could moprh into an epic slab of doom.

On the flip, Hellvete play through 4 tracks of string driven melodic drone. Exceptional variety, verging on folk and veering purposefully into dark psychedelics. Perhaps a less sombre, and more melancholic tone than the flipside, but through the 4 tracks, a greater level of diversity in tone and instrumentation is struck. "De Grote Hondered Bunders" swirls around your head and into your ears like a swarm of wasps until you just about pass out. Some overwhelming stuff here.

Can be scored direct from Eiderdown. Thick mat cardboard jcards, fantastic art, beautiful double sided printing. Solid.

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