Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Venn Rain - Sympathetic Vibrations

So the blog is running perilously close to becoming a Venn Rain fan page. But I guess that's a risk I'm willing to take given the prolific stream of 2012 content. The latest from one of several monikers of Jimmy Billingham (Tidal, Holographic Arts) is Sympathetic Vibrations on Norway's Koppklys Records.

Jimmy opts for shorter pieces here than in his prior releases. The mix of tracks seem somehow a bit less spaced out and in some senses feel to me almost more angular and propulsive. Still, the masterful use of loop and timbre are on full display. Sharp intertwined synth patterns weave and reflect each other with an elegant balance. Defined, a sympathetic vibration is a vibration produced in one body by a simultanious vibration in another. Trying my hand at determining the artists' intent, these pieces seem to vibrate together. Each compliments the other, each melody vibrating in time with the next, and in turn with the listener. Chrome perfection.

Limited to a hand numbered edition of 60. In addition to printed liner notes and pro dubbing, Fredrik from Koppklys has included a set of three beautiful printed photos from the Natural History Museum in London taken by Jimmy with each copy.

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