Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Ember - Hotel of Lost Light

I genuinely can't imagine a more stunning solo recording than Hotel of Lost Light from Some Ember on Crash Symbols. It's an album length visceral bleed out of emotion directly to chrome. The closet Darkwave nut in me hasn't been this happy since Wire Migraine from "^" hit my Nakamichi 600.

Not much vocal in the tape scene, and certainly not much of this caliber. A dude by the name of Dylan Travis writes, performs, produces, and most significantly, sings the entire 8 track blazer. A vocal convergence between the intensity of David Tibet and the vulnerable charm of Antony Hegarty, played over something that sounds like early Mortiis. And while I assume that sounds like an overwhelming concoction that would likely yield a confusing result, the most impressive part of Hotel of Lost Light is just how well it all plays together, and in fact by the close, has evolved into a pop influenced 8 bit trip out. An incredible vision finely crafted into an exceptional album.

My first experience with Crash Symbols. Rest assured the physical format is in stunning form. Pro dubbing, J Cards double printed with full lyrics and liner notes. Exceptional work all around.

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