Monday, April 9, 2012

Woob - 1194

It struck me yesterday while enjoying 1194 from Woob, that this legendary work of ambient dub is just a few years shy of two decades years old. Released on the UK cult em:t label, 1194, from sound artist Paul Frankland is regarded with almost universal praise as one of the finest ambient electronic albums ever made. A beautiful, moving, spooky, ethereal trip through a haze of world music and cult movie samples. The 32 minute opening track "On Earth" forever changed my musical taste. If you’ve heard it you already know, if you haven’t, find it, check it out. Sounds as fresh and engaging today as the first time I played it.

Long out of print, and typically going for a small fortune online, prices have recently come down dramatically as the album has been made available much more affordably on itunes, and finally without large corporate encumbrances, on Bandcamp

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