Thursday, April 12, 2012

Black Velvet Stereo - Metal Rain Machine

Black Velvet Stereo on Sacred Phrases kills with Metal Rain Machine. Seems like an exercise in stark contrast, and beautiful synergy, between disparate subgenres of electronic music. An extremely refreshing intermingling of electronic relatives. Vast, evolving, ambient spaces weave into blissful focused drone. Waves of overdriven melody give way to propulsive layers of rich, full, progressive synth. Each side peaks with an absolute standout track, the massive uptempo burn of the Alex Barnett-esq “Hope” on A, and the pulsating, extraterrestrial emotional pull of “///” on the flip. When c40’s are born, they dream of becoming a tape like this.

Don’t miss this one, seriously. Grab it along with the rest of the new batch directly from Sacred Phrases.

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