Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lee Noble - Persona + Zine 04

Second pressing of Persona from Lee Noble on No Kings. Originally released on the exceptional Bridgetown records, Persona is six tracks of incredible outsider pop swimming lazily among fragmented bits of vocal and warm ambient sound collage. Meloncholic, depressed, nostalgic, and somehow sill hopeful and even at times joyful. Sounds like your favorite Sparklehorse track played backwards at half speed in a haunted farmhouse, or something like that.

Snatch this up along with one of the incredible collaborative zines on offer at No Kings. Zine 04 is an absolutely stunning 68 pages of art from names such as Felicia Atkinson, Frank Baugh, Grant and Rachel Evans, Geoffrey Sexton, and of course Lee Noble and many others.

If you cherish your j-cards as much as your tapes, these will melt your mind until it runs out your ear.

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