Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cindytalk - Hold Everything Dear

Beautiful 2LP from Cindytalk on Editions Mego. Hold Everything Dear is the 2011 conclusion to a trilogy of installments that originated in 2009. Not exactly a new release, but then, this isn't a blog about new music, as much as it is a chronological list of stuff I hear that blows my mind. And this is definitely that. A wonderful theatrical progression front to back, each track seems to add a chapter to a story that evolves throughout the listen. Layers of harsh noise intermingled in ambient acoustic warmth. Elegant piano passages alternating with harsh caustic soundscapes. Sounds like the disassociated soundtrack to a life lived with meaning, experiencing the sweetness and sadness in every moment.

A beautiful gatefold jacket and poly lined sleeves, the entire presentation is just gorgeous. Grabbed along with the first cassette from the 2012 Discriminate promo series. And as if you needed another reason to buy from dscrmnt, now they're giving away incredible music. Promo #1 featuring The North Sea and Roe Enney is now fully exhausted, but it appears further editions are on the way.

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