Sunday, April 8, 2012

Venn Rain - Entropics

Entropics, on Different Lands, is the latest in a flurry of exceptional early 2012 releases from the Venn Rain moniker of Jimmy Billingham. Sparkling, shimmering, cascading astral melodies, fused directly to tape. The selection of tones and timbres collected together here is what I find remarkable. There is a sense of cohesion present in Entropics, such that the entire work moves with a single purpose. Loops intersect and redefine each other, evolving, and progressing. Subtle, almost imperceptible variations compound to track length glacial shifts. Truly next level melodic drone.

Packaging is really slick, with a printed matte finished wrap adhered directly to the outside of the case, with liner notes included on a folded photocopy. Copies are still available, along with a new release from Slag Heap, directly from Different Lands.

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