Sunday, March 4, 2012

Basic House - Ambrosias Vol. 1

Basic House dials up hallucinogenic mind melt, with Ambrosias Vol. 1, on Koppklys Records. The entire work is refreshing and complex, ranging widely from noisy and challenging, to contemplative and thoughtful. Amid the host of varying tensions and pressures, there is a cohesion and holistic structure that ties the tape together beautifully. Sounds that may originate in vastly different contexts combine seamlessly to form a single sound with confidence and character. A swirling mass of insects becomes a noisy backdrop to stringed instruments and distant chimes. Disassociated voices played in varying pitches smear across caverns of introspective melody. An elegant push and pull between moments, from high tension, to welcome respite. The tape develops front to back like a storybook.

There are tapes, and sometimes unique moments of tapes, that remind me of landmark releases in the decade(s) old waves of electronic music that were formative in my appreciation of the genre. Ambrosias Vol. 1 took me to those releases and those moments. Seriously, killer stuff.

Ambrosias Vol. 1 (#'d to 50) is available along with releases from Sundrips and Phylum Child by ordering batch #2 directly from Koppklys.

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