Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evan Parker / John Wiese - C Section

Evan Parker and John Wiese create chaotic free jazz and harsh noise on C Section from PAN. Sounds that play together, and against each other with a sense of improvisation and discovery not typically associated with electronic composition. It's an interesting intersection between Parker's raw, organic saxaphone, and the harsh electronic of Wiese. At times, the two halves seem downright unhappy with each other, scratching and clawing for position in the soundscape. At others, they seem to coincide in a single thought, complimenting and even counterbalancing the chaos of each. Parker's manic sax work circles and dances in front of you, even with your eyes closed, like an artist coloring lines on the inside of your eye lids. Wiese simultaneously decays each note and moment with caustic bubbling feedback and distortion, bending the intent of the collaboration to his will. The entire work was recorded live as an improvised set. If you have a musical comfort zone, this record will knock you out of it fast. 2 really talented dudes making one hell of a racket.

As with all PAN releases, the packaging is completely first rate. The LP is housed in a poly lined sleeve, and packed with hand numbered liner notes, inside a silkscreened jacket. The jacket is then placed in a PVC sleeve printed with geometric designs. It's really tough for my amateur photography skills to do the presentation justice here. Totally over the top.

I purchased from Discriminate, and was trying to make sense of the whole thing in just 2 days.

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