Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Felicia Atkinson - Crystal Arrows for a Cosmic King

The new batch from Sango Plasmo arrived today, replete with the usual host of stamps and stickers necessary to pass customs. Somehow that makes it seem all the more of a treat, in addition to, of course, the sights and sounds within the package.

My first grab from the stack for inspection is Crystal Arrows for a Cosmic King from Felicia Atkinson. Both light and heavy at the same time, the release is a single track, repeated on both sides. It's meditative stuff, a bit drone, a bit ritualistic. Washes of static and noise serve as foundational elements, bringing layers of melody and vocal in and out of focus. Sometimes I think lacking musical knowledge opens me up to evaluate a release like this without trying to dissect and identify the the individual parts, which I think can be for the better. And, taken as a whole, the tape feels naturalistic and emotive and invites you to create your own impressions of what these very enchanting sounds might be. My impression is that Crystal Arrows is the unearthed soundtrack to decaying leaves in a windswept mountain pass, or something awesome like that.

To begin creating your own impressions, you can purchase this release, along with the rest of the new batch from the increasingly awesome Sango Plasmo.

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