Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oren Ambarchi - Audience of One

This AM in the Northeast brought with it icy squalls, covering everything in several inches of snow and providing the perfect juxtaposition to relax with the warm signature guitar tone of Oren Ambarchi.

Ambarchi can lay claim to one of the most expansive and genre traversing catalogues in the experimental scene. His work remains brilliant with his latest release from Touch, Audience of One, which offers an extremely diverse genre mix, from more traditional guitar fuzz and rumble, to softer sounds laced with pop arragemets. Like much of Ambarchi's work, Audience of One feels mechanically precise and yet somehow alive and unexpected. Track 2, "Knots" is a masterclass piece of progressional drone. An over 30 minute controlled chaotic blend of electronics and live instrumentation. Beginning in near minimalism, rising with a tide of mixed melodic guitar, and punctuating in a wave of live drumming before fading back into electronic debris. The entire disc is a complex, highly detailed composition.

I purchased from the exceptional Experimedia, and recommend their services wholeheartedly for your pursuit of auditory bliss.

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