Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seabat - Mountains of Palawan

Mountains of Palawan from Seabat is a mind melting carpet ride to an alien dance party. Big waves of synth layered thickly across agile rhythm patterns that will absolutely bounce the db meters on your tape deck. The timbre and melody on this tape seem both foreign and extraterrestrial simultaniously. I totally dig stuff that straddles the line between experimental and accessible, and Seabat is getting it totally right. The entire sound floats and drifts, and assisted by the images on the cover art, I envisioned myself doing the same.

I grabbed this one along with the rest of a massive 8 tape batch directly from Goldtimers. This was my first pickup from GT, and their art and packaging are really sharp. All the tapes are pro printed, and the J Cards are full art front and back. Killer.

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