Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heatsick - Intersex

The majority of my musical tastes (and for that matter, the majority of the experimental tape/LP scene) seems the equivalent of carefree, messy, uninhibited, children drawing their thoughts on a blank canvas with every crayon in the box. A sort of full on approach to creativity, with the dials wide open.

Intersex from Heatsick appears to me, as a statement in how wonderful a juxtaposition between inhibition and structure can be. A sort of "pendulum swing" in the other direction of experimentation towards exactness. Both sides of the LP feature extended tracks that dance with light, effortless precision through beat driven structures that walk the line between early Kraftwerk, and Jazz instrumentation. There is a metropolitan feeling present in these rhythms. A very urban vibe, that almost invites the listener to enjoy this music while walking city streets searching for the art present in places unlooked for.

The LP comes in an absolutely beautifully printed sleeve, and similar to other PAN releases, a really slick PVC slip cover package with printing front and back. I purchased from Discriminate and was nodding my head to this one in 3 days.

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  1. Thanks for turning me on to this! I really dig these sounds :)