Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giant Claw - Clash of Moons

Pure madness from Giant Claw on Bridgetown Records. Clash of Moons sounds big and precise, with confident melodic passages, and massive layers of synth programming. The standout title track runs the entirety of side B, with spastic, twitching notes pacing lush melodic progressions. The entire piece moves with such breakneck pace it becomes like watching a flip book of still images come to life. Each finely placed note becomes swept up in the greater whole, as the track evolves into a single living, breathing entity. If a proper successor to the NES were ever identified, it's games would have sounded like this. Prog rock around the edges (just barely), 8 Bit in the center, and a whole lot of other stuff I can't describe.

I picked up Clash of Moons along with the rest of the new batch from Bridgetown which includes really sharp releases from Sky Stadium, Reighnbeau (Loved this one), Dr. DR Barclay, and Hakobune. Kevin sent along a hand signed poster to boot. Killer.

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  1. Great review! I totally agree -- side B has some fantastic melodies!!